Social Events

Here you will find some information about what to expect from the social events that we have organised for the Virtual Doctoral Network.

Sunday - 28th June (14:00-16:00 CET)

The Sunday Social is for you to get to know some of your fellow ESERA doctoral attendees and VDN staff members.

A programme of icebreaking activities will be used to help you virtually mingle outside of your mentoring groups and help you begin to get to know each other.

We will have some activities that will allow you to talk about your work, make connections, and meet your future global colleagues as well as staff members.

Please join any time between 14.00-16.00.


Bring along some drinks and snacks!

Wednesday - 1st July (12:00-13:30 CET)

Each mentor group will be asked to do a 5-minute song (with musical instruments – even hand-made instruments), poem or play (costumes allowed) to celebrate the work of a scientist (and not one of the usual suspects - see suggestions below – choose someone you’ve never heard of) or a science education researcher. (See suggestions below)

All members of the mentor group (even mentors!) must participate.

This task will be introduced during the opening ceremony and time given to rehearse in the social event (see programme below).


Programme for social

12.00-12.05 Welcome and order of play

12.05-12.30 Final rehearsal and fine tuning of the ‘performance’

12.30-1.20 - 5 minutes each with turn around time

1.20-1.30 – Performance from Oxford LOC.

 Some suggestions (not an exhaustive list)